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What can Janel Do for You?

The center of attention of every experience with the House of Trinity is YOU, Girl!  If you have never had a makeover done, then you may find yourself feeling transported to a level of personal attention you've never experienced before.

Janel basically offers two packages of service:

Beauty Package

This is the makeover itself.  Janel will sit you down and work her amazing magic on you.  She will use her own cosmetics.  If you have a favorite lipstick or other item, feel free to bring those with you.  But remember, Janel's eye for selecting the right colors and makeup for you is part of the experience!  Price: $65 plus travel

Beauty and Photography Package

For many girls, this is a dream come true!  Have the full makeover, help brush and arrange your wig, and then you can have a photo shoot in your room or head out for a night on the town to show off the new you as you've never seen before.  You can try different outfits and wigs (yours or Janel's); then take that new beauty and Flaunt it, Girl!   This package is total attention on YOU and your look.  Price:  $150 plus travel

Your Place!

Janel will come to your Sacramento-area home or hotel room.  (She does have to charge for the time and travel to come to you, so talk about that with her beforehand.)

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