Welcome to Discreet Moments!  Thank you for visiting my Website!

Let  me tell ya a little about myself. Let's see, I'm Fabulous! I think that say's  it all!... Just Kidding. I've been dressing and doing Makeovers now for many years, and loving every minute of it!

I’m in Sacramento, California.  I have some CD (Crossdresser) friends of mine that live in LA who I go to see on occasion, and we have such a blast! We dress up, I do their makeup and hair and we head out for dinner and dancing.  I also have other dresser friends of mine who don't go out but still love to dress up and have digital pics taken of them for their personal photo album.  It's like we have a personal photo session! The gallery section is updated often so please come back soon. Who knows?  YOU could be the next featured model!

Discreet Moments is for the Man who always wanted to bring out his inner girl, have their pics done if they choose, and to feel free and welcome to try something  different and not be judged for it--and yet keeping it Discreet at all times.

So take a leap!  Cruise around the site, see what I do, and check out the girls on the gallery page.  I’ll see you here!

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